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The role of the Treasury in Economic Policy with Paul Tilley

Episode Summary

The Treasury departments of the US, UK, and Australia are central to the operations of government and economic management. Learn more about the role of the Treasury in this episode featuring former senior Australian Treasury official and OECD economist Paul Tilley. 

Episode Notes

A conversation on the importance of the Treasury department to government and economic management. Economics Explored host Gene Tunny speaks with Paul Tilley about his 2019 book Changing Fortunes: A History of the Australian Treasury.

Paul Tilley was an economic adviser to governments for 32 years, working at senior levels in all parts of Treasury, as well as other key agencies such as the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Treasurer’s office and the OECD. He is now a Senior Fellow at the Melbourne Law School, a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University Tax and Transfer Policy Institute and works with a number of non-government organisations.

Here's Paul's Melbourne Law School profile and here's Paul's ANU profile.

Finally, here's a link to the Wikipedia article on the trillion-dollar coin Gene alludes to in the conversation.

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