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The Media and Digital Disruption with Rebecca Archer

Episode Summary

More so than most other industries, the media industry has been subject to digital disruption since the emergence of the internet in the mid-nineties. Digital disruption has had profound consequences for the financial viability of traditional media and the job prospects of journalists. To discuss the media in our age of digital disruption, Economics Explained host Gene Tunny is joined by Rebecca Archer, Director of Connect Media Training, who has worked as a journalist at the ABC in Australia and the BBC in the UK.

Episode Notes

This episode’s guest is Rebecca Archer, Director of Connect Media Training. Australian listeners may know Rebecca as Rebecca Hyam, former ABC finance reporter. Rebecca still works on a casual basis at ABC Brisbane in addition to running her media training company. Of course, views expressed in this podcast are Rebecca’s personal views, and should not necessarily be attributed to the ABC. As well as working for Australia’s national broadcaster, Rebecca has worked for the original public broadcaster, the BBC. 

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Gene and Rebecca’s conversation was recorded on 26 November 2019 in the Adept Economics office at the Johnson, Spring Hill, Brisbane, using a Zoom H4n Pro digital recorder and Shure SM58 microphones.