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Episode Summary

This episode explores the very important topic of personal finance. Economics Explained host Gene Tunny speaks with Griffith University lecturer Dr Di Johnson on the economics and psychology of personal finance.

Episode Notes

Many people struggle with managing money. For example, last month, Australian ABC News reported “1.9 million Australians are struggling with credit card debts” and that the average Australian credit card debt is more than $3,000.

To discuss personal finance, Economics Explained host Gene Tunny invited Griffith University lecturer Dr Di Johnson onto the program.  Issues for discussion included:

Di’s research interests include personal and household finance, behavioural economics and financial planning. She is a member of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s Financial Capability Research Network. 

In addition to teaching and researching, Di is a regular commentator on financial issues on ABC radio and TV here in Brisbane.  

During the conversation, Di noted that, in Australia, free financial counselling is available for people in financial trouble:

Financial Counselling page on ASIC Moneysmart website

Note this podcast episode contains information of a general nature only and does not constitute financial advice, which always needs to consider people's individual circumstances.