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Gender differences in negotiation and policy for improvement

Episode Summary

Women tend not to initiate negotiations over pay and conditions as frequently as men, and this contributes to the gender pay gap. Dr Maria Recalde from University of Melbourne explains what researchers have learned about gender differences in negotiation and potential policy responses which could improve outcomes for women, such as salary history bans and increased transparency.

Episode Notes

There are gender differences in negotiation and these impact job market outcomes, as Dr Maria Recalde from the University of Melbourne explains. Dr Recalde speaks with show host Gene Tunny about her NBER working paper Gender Differences in Negotiation and Policy for Improvement, co-authored with Prof. Lise Vesterlund.

About this episode’s guest - Dr Maria Recalde

Dr Maria P. Recalde is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the Department of Economics at the University of Melbourne, Australia. My main fields of interest are experimental and behavioral economics, public economics, and development.

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