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Anarcho-capitalism and a Libertarian analysis of COVID with Prof. Walter Block

Episode Summary

An introduction to anarcho-capitalism and a libertarian analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic with Professor Walter Block, Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair in Economics at Loyola University and senior fellow of the Mises Institute.

Episode Notes

What is Anarcho-capitalism? And what would a libertarian analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic tell us? Economics Explored host Gene Tunny has a thought-provoking conversation with Loyola University's Professor Walter Block, whose Wikipedia entry describes him as "an American Austrian School economist and anarcho-capitalist theorist.

Regarding anarcho-capitalism check out Walter's books:

The Privatization of Roads and Highways

Defending the Undefendable

Mentioned in the discussion is the Homestead principle associated with John Locke. 

Regarding COVID-19, check out Walter's 2020 paper:

A Libertarian Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Also on COVID-19, check out this podcast discussion mentioned by Gene in his conversation with Walter:

Lord Sumption: mass civil disobedience has begun